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Irish Drascombes

Welcome to the Drascombe Association's Irish website.

Next event - Spring Reunion Howth - February 17th

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Click here for the Irish "Code of practice for safe operation of recreational craft" which it to be applied by every operator in our activities in Ireland. This link brings you to the 2017 version

Click here for Guidelines issued by the Port of Cork.

About Us

The Irish Drascombe Owners' Association was set up in order to facilitate Drascombe Association (DA) members in the Euro Zone, whereby we can pay subscriptions and other fees without the hassle of sterling drafts. The Irish Drascombe Owner's Association is fully part of the DA, and is not limited to Drascombe Owners. The Secretary of the "Irish Drascombes" is Jack O'Keeffe, who can be contacted by using the "Contact us" link, or by post to 8 Wesley, Carrigaline, Co.Cork.

Members of the DA in Ireland receive the award winning quarterly magazine "DAN" and can share "simply sailing" for fun by rally participation and informal get-togethers. The DA also provides technical support through our main website forum, and access to competitive and flexible boat insurance from the Paidstow branch of Aston Scott Insurance.

In 2014 we will be organising events at Rush/Lambay, Baltimore, Crom (Upper L. Erne) and Dromineer. We will be joining others at Newry Ship Canal and in Cork Harbour for the "Rebel Raid". Click on Upcoming Events for more details.

See "Recent Events" (Left) for more information on our events held since 2012, with links to photo galleries.

New Members

New members are always welcome, whether Drascombe owners or not.

If you wish to join using a PAYPAL account visit here. Individual membership is 20 pa and 28 for two members at the same address. Jack O'Keeffe is acting as "Irish Membership Treasurer" and will collect subscriptions before the end of March and forward the sterling equivalent to the DA on behalf of members with euro accounts.

Euro account holders not wishing to use PAYPAL may join the Drascombe Association by downloading a Euro Zone application form here completing it, signing it, and sending it to:

Jack O'Keeffe
8 Wesley
Co Cork.

By this method the subscription is 25 for an individual and 35 for two members sharing one magazine subscription and will be paid by Standing Order.